Divisional Secretariat - Uduvil - Hospitals

Our Divisional Secretariat area has no District Hospital or Based Hospital. Under the MOH administration there are five primary Medical Care Units nad three Primary Healh Centers do their services to the people.

Medical Officer of Health is situated at Chunnakam South (J/196)

Telephone:- +94 021 224 1183


Primary Medical Care Unit 

Name/ Location Address Telephone
PMCU Punnalaikadduvan Punnalaikadduvan Road, Evinai +94 021 300 1231
PMCU Chunnakam Chunnakam  
PMCU Uduvil Uduvil  +94 021 300 1234  
PMCU Inuvil Inuvil
PMCU Erlalai Erlalai +94 021 300 1226

Primary Health Center 

Name/ Location Address Telephone
PHC Thavady Thavady  
PHC Sanguvely Sanguvely
PHC Evinai Evinai  

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